Women Empowerment

Project Title

Strengthening Civil Society Organisations to Promote Women Empowerment


To address obstacles in the progress of women, particularly women farmers, and promote their empowerment through local civil society organisations

Major Activities

  • To enhance capacity of civil society organisations for promoting opportunities that are gender just, climate friendly, and pro-business
  • To organise 1,532 women and create awareness among them on their rights, gender issues, agriculture, climate change, environment, pro-climate agricultural issues
  • To promote climate friendly agriculture while ensuring participation of women farmers
  • To develop leadership qualities and management skills for running business enterprises and gender sensitive system
  • To form Farmers Producer Company with 1,000 women
  • To ensure participation of women in the resolving family, community, and village related issues and decision-making processes at own level
  • To collaborate with panchayats, local administration, government departments, and resource agencies for building capacity of women farmers and ensure access of women to government schemes and benefits
  • To regularly enhance capacity of civil society organisations and women farmers through digital means

Major Components

  • Strengthening civil society organisations for women empowerment
  • Promotion of environment change/environment friendly agricultural practices
  • Convergence of government schemes

Area of Operation

District: Barabanki, Block: Masauli, Selected Gram Panchayats: 12, Selected Villages: 15


Women farmers: 1532, women farmer groups: 68

Funder: Child Fund International