Climate Resilience

Project Title

Promoting Climate Resilient Peppermint Cultivation in Barabanki, Uttar Pradesh


  • To reduce vulnerability with regards to food and nutrition security of women mint farmers and their households and strengthen financial capacities of women and farmers
  • To create awareness on health, nutrition, and gender sensitive issues so that women associated with self-help groups can be empowered 


  • Direct cash transfers
  • Supporting containment and arrest of Covid 19
  • Information dissemination and awareness generation activities
  • Supporting women mint farmers to be financial
  • Supporting women mint farmers for health nutrition and personal hygiene
  • Developing a local cadre of trained human resources
  • Developing system of sustained cash flow 
  • Measuring results


  • District and Block: Barabanki, four clusters Gosaiganj, Zaidpur, Masauli and Fatehpur
  • Number of women SHGs covered under the project: 400
  • Number of farmer producer companies covered under the project: 4

Funder: CARE India