Established in 2003, PRASAR is a non-governmental organisation with expertise in health, nutrition, early childhood care and development, education, and livelihood. Almost all of its work is concentrated in Barabanki, a district in India’s most populated state Uttar Pradesh, sharing borders with the state capital Lucknow.


Hailing from a village in Barabanki district, PRASAR founder Shishupal was greatly moved with the condition of the fellow villagers. Interaction with the villagers made him realise that information was the key to bring the villagers from the situation they were in. Informally, he started disseminating information to the villagers on local self-governance and mobilising community for active participation in panchayats.

As the interaction with the villagers grew, other issues needing attention came forth. One such issue was poor education of girls, particularly those belonging to the marginalised sections of the society. Maternal and child health was another issue that warranted attention.

Time flew. Almost five years later PRASAR formally came into existence. It was decided beforehand that the organisation will mainly work on these issues, though it will not shy to work on other issues also.


The first support came from The Hans Foundation, an organisation providing funding support to not for profit organisations for development programmes in the areas of health, education, disability, and livelihoods. This support kickstarted interventions in the health domain in about 20 villages of Barabanki district.

Next big support came from Poorest Area Civil Society Programme, a project funded by the Department for International Development, UK. This project took Prasar to Pratapgarh district, where for the next three years the organisation worked in 25 villages of Sangarmgarh block. Incidentally, this was the only time when Prasar worked at any place other than Barabanki district.


Over the years PRASAR has emerged as a professionally managed grassroots NGO, winning faith of both the community and donor organisations. Its work has touched thousands of women and children bringing smile on their faces. Selflessness, dedication and commitment to different stakeholders are hallmark of the work.

It has many achievements and stories of success to flaunt.