Partner Communities and their Organizations
The communities/groups supported by the organization belong to the poor and economically marginalized sections. They are predominantly landless – living on scarce wage employment, largely drawn from the erstwhile untouchable Scheduled Castes and backward communities, including minorities. The programmatic activities remain focused on women and adolescent girls, besides the elderly and differently able people.
The organization has kept alive its presence among the partner communities through development and mentoring of their organizational structures. For instance, in Barabanki, we have duly empowered women farmers’ groups, 68 in number, with a membership of 1,532, leading to the formation of a Agroprasar Farmers Producer Company Limited. On the other hand, we have vibrant Health Groups of women (145), girls (145) and men (28). Similarly, in Pratapgarh, total number of 137 community-based organizations (CBOs), comprising health groups (24), women self-help groups (59) and children’s groups (05) continue to be vibrant. The CBSs were further organized into a block-level federation, namely, ‘Jan Adhikar Manch’.