Vision, Mission and Objectives


Enabling people to end poverty

Achieving social democracy to guide the efforts for human development by addressing socio-economic inequality & deprivation and climatic imbalance


Enabling the poor & the marginalized to end poverty through interventions in critical disciplines
of health & nutrition, education and climate-resilient agricultural livelihoods


 Enabling the poor and the marginalized communities, particularly women & adolescents, to squarely face challenges, and avail opportunities by outspreading the provisions of crucial services like health care – reproductive, and child health, education & nutrition, safe drinking water, sanitation and hygiene etc.
 Creating conditions of climate-resilient agricultural livelihoods by developing necessary skill and resources, facilitating access to capital and establishing market linkages
 Addressing inequality in socio-economic conditions engendering carbon-intensive lifestyle, and safeguarding earth’s finite resources and ensuring environmental

Core Ideology

  • Achieving greater inclusion of poor and marginalised communities through the provisions of services like health, nutrition, education, credit, infrastructure, etc., for reducing inequality in the socio-economic systems.
  • Enabling these communities to access the basic rights and entitlements
  • Seeking to pursue work in social and economic justice in livelihood, etc., extends to concern like climate change, environment sustainability etc.