Vision, Mission and Objectives


Enabling people to end poverty

It is possible to change the human system and structure by working together to achieve a common goal of ending inequality and poverty for the common good.


Towards ‘social democracy’: ‘one person one value’

It guides us to work for change, for supporting the excluded, poor and marginalised sections of the communities so as to enable them to meet their immediate needs of health, nutrition, education and livelihood and long term security


Enabling and supporting excluded, poor and marginalised communities to avail opportunities and face challenges

  1. Extending the provisions of essential services like health care-Reproductive and Child Health in particular, Nutrition, Education-meticulously of girl child, good governance the poor and marginalized people.
    1. Creating conditions sustainable livelihood by developing necessary skill and know-how, facilitating access to capital and establishing market linkages.
    1. Addressing inequality and safeguarding earth’s finite resources.

Core Ideology

  • Achieving greater inclusion of poor and marginalised communities through the provisions of services like health, nutrition, education, credit, infrastructure, etc., for reducing inequality in the socio-economic systems.
  • Enabling these communities to access the basic rights and entitlements
  • Seeking to pursue work in social and economic justice in livelihood, etc., extends to concern like climate change, environment sustainability etc.